It’s all in your head

Here’s an example of the “music police” in your head. Yes, in yours too.

It was about ten years ago. I used to DJ regularly and was asked to do the music for an annual company party of an indie movie theater of my former home town.

Easy money!

As a film fan, I knew almost all employees, a no-brainer. So, great audience / easy money. Especially since I assumed that a) no strange music requests come and b) I would have a chance to incorporate a few lesser known gems of dance music. A hidden pleasure of mine.

At that time, for example, I had just (re-)discovered Deep Purple’s 1968 hit song “Hush.” This legendary band of the 60s and 70s was already almost forgotten by under 30-year-olds at the time. (Ask anyone that age today, haha). Although amazingly danceable for a hard rock band! “Hush” has a mega-groove and a killer “na-nananaa” hookline that everyone knows, but nobody knows where from!

As later in the evening

usually anything goes, I eventually ventured into disco music (!)… A genre that mostly raises eyebrows with sober dancers. At least back in those days. As I had gathered, the time was right – a lot of fun for everyone. After “I should be dancing” by the Bee Gees, two nice young ladies (who really just had let their hair down on the dance floor) came to my sound desk. One eagerly inquired WHAT band THAT had just been. I answered. Whereupon one of them froze, then turned to her friend and exclaimed in horror: “Aaaah! I just danced to the BeeGees ..!”
Nice if I can help.

Which music, which artist did you yourself agree never to find cool…?
Only to change your mind later.
I’m curious…

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