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Mrs. Winterbottom

A privilege and a pleasure to work with this Pankow (Berlin) based skapunk band.  We locked ourselves down for a few days at „Garage Pankow“ – and came out with the recordings for their recent EP „Make Punkow great again“! Mixing a dense eight-piece band (including hefty brass) arrangement was a challenge but both band and I are very happy with the sound we arrived at. Makes your toes-a-tappin‘ after just a few bars.

We’re Only Made Of Snow aka Alexander John Highet… the self-titled Debut EP was recorded and produced entirely at Behind The Couch Studio and features, apart from unique vocal stylings, musical saw, violin, mandolin, mandolin-banjo, and accordion !

Out of the Movies by Stephan Ziron. It’s the first release of this Improv- and Crossover-Musician. The production was done almost entirely „in the box“ and proves the yield and possibilites of virtual instrumentation and electronic production.

The Sad Reasons People Go Into Particle Physics by Sticky Biscuits  is another wonderful co-operation. I had the honour of producing Comedy/Nerd-Pop Duo Naomi Fearn’s & Marc Seestaedt’s Debut in 2014. They label themselves as „nerdy & naughty“ and are giving the Berlin comedy and indie scene a run for their money. Beware: Most of the lyrics are „not safe for work“ 😉

To round off things, here’s an array of songs mixed as side projects in a training/sparring kind of approach. Or just because I was hitched by the musical style. The multitracks were either provided by competition or mixing-community websites.

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  1. These albums are brilliant.
    I can’t wait to hear what your next project is! 😀

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